Recent 3 years Performance

  • 2018.3. General Agreement Between Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) and KEPCO E&C and IME World First installation of Multi Stack PV System
  • 2018.3. MOU Between Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) and KEPCO E&C and IME
       World First application of Multi Stack PV System
  • 2018.5. Exclusive Agent Agreement with KEPCO E&C
       One of the best Korean Government Engineering Companies
  • 2019.1. Application Patent for Multi Stack in G.C.C.
       Co-Patent with KEPCO E&C
       Application international PCT
  • 2019.2. Pilot Project with KISR started generating (Multi Stack)
  • 2019.3. Ambassador of Korean Embassy visited KISR site
  • 2019.3. Established IME Korea
  • 2019.4. Pilot Project with MEW starts generating (Multi Stack)
  • 2019.4. Exclusive Agent Agreement with KOEN
       One of the best Korean Government Power Companies

       Yearly revenue abt. 5 Billion USD
       Jointly Participating LH New City Project in Kuwait
  • 2019.5. Assistant Undersecretary of Korean Ministry of Industry Visited MSPV site (MEW)
  • 2019.6. Macedonia, 125MW Solar Power Plant
  • 2019.8. Establish New Joint Venture with CS-Tech
       One of the best Solar EPC companies

       Solar reference: abt. 1,200MW
  • 2019.8. Reinstallation MSPV both at MEW and KISR
       Reverse MSPV Concept
  • 2019.11 Malaysia, 46MW Solar Power Plant
  • 2019.12 Brazil Government Green Energy Project
       The PISF, 3.3GW

       Co-development Partner Company
       26Mw X 6 site Solar Power Plant
       170Mw Solar Power plant
  • 2019.12 New Joint Venture with Dong Bang Logistics
  • 2019 Kuwait, Multi Stack Solar PV System
       LH Smart City

       Kuwait Government Projects / Roof top x Ground
       KNPC, KOC for Re-heating System
  • 2020.3 Established Sri Lanka Local Branch, SEEK Energy Pvt LTD has been developing G2G and IPP Project