CEO'S Message


In a continuously evolving dynamic global environment where energy demand outweighs the supply, many global nations are striving to generate clean energy to support a cleaner environment and as well as to create a more sustainable energy generation system to cater the growing demand.

We at Seek Energy firmly believe that renewable energy is the path to a sustainable future in terms of energy generation and has become a global movement by many nations to become less reliant on pollution with intensive fossil fuel systems. Along with global references for renewable energy projects under our consortium, Seek Energy Private Limited can provide both modern innovative solutions and technical expertise for all types of energy generation projects both small scale and as well as large scale.

Seek Energy has been developed in a strategical method to support Sri Lanka, based on our experience and expertise in selecting and developing latest Renewable Energy technologies, cost efficient and reliable Renewable Energy projects, risk reduction, improved business ROI and to optimize value of projects through all the stages of the project cycle. Renewable Energy is the future in Sri Lanka; therefore our goal is towards the promotion of Renewable Energy in Sri Lanka. Our focus is to extend clean energy to all corners of the country by consistently working on Renewable Energy projects along with the Sri Lankan government on G2G and IPP projects to solidify the relationship between both nations of Sri Lanka and South Korea

Our vision is to ensure that we develop the energy sector in Sri Lanka to utilize and maximize the country’s’ usage of Renewable Resources along with the aim of boosting the market on the islands Renewable Energy Sector to a sustainable future.       

                                                                                              -Warrick Seo-